Lisa McIntire PCC CEO

Lisa McIntire was announced as CEO of Pregnancy Care Center at our 2016 Annual Banquet. Lisa is a CPA and spent over 15 years at BKD leading a health care team. Lisa, her husband Steve, and their family have lived in Springfield, Missouri for over 22 years.

Lisa McIntire

Dr. Marc McCorcle

Dr. Marc McCorcle is the volunteer Medical Director of Pregnancy Care Center. He has assisted PCC for the past 15 years overseeing the pregnancy testing and ultrasound programs. Dr. McCorcle received his doctorate from the University of Missouri-Columbia and he works in Springfield at Primrose...

Dr. Marc McCorcle

Cheryl RN Nurse Director Pregnancy Care Center

Cheryl is the Nurse Director at Pregnancy Care Center. As a registered nurse, she has worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, home care, and at a nursing home. Cheryl is passionate about helping young women and has been the nurse director for PCC since 2002. Originally from Boston,...



Terry is the Client Services Director at Pregnancy Care Center. Over nine years ago, she came to PCC as a volunteer and has served on staff since 2008. Terry leads the Client Services team and also fills volunteer positions, trains them, and makes sure they know they are appreciated. She has...


PCC Sheila Reception Coordinator

Sheila is the Client Services Supervisor at Pregnancy Care Center. She joined the team in March of 2012 and she loves meeting everyone who comes through PCC’s doors. Sheila has been a resident of Southwest Missouri all of her life. She is married to Scott and has two grown children. She enjoys...