Pregnancy Care Center in Springfied Missouri Video
A Walk Through Video for New Clients We know that facing an unexpected pregnancy can be overwhelming. That's why we want to do everything we can to help ease the stress of clients who visit Springfield Pregnancy Care Center. That's why we recently produced a walk through video for new clients that helps explain what to expect on your first visit to PCC. Pregnancy Care Center Walk Through Video Information in Video Welcome to this walk through of Springfield Pregnancy... + read more
Springfield, MO Pregnancy Clinic
Is there an abortion clinic in Springfield, Missouri? Many times when a women is faced with a possible pregnancy, the options seem few.  That can lead to panic and worry about what to do. Sometimes abortion seems to be the quickest solution. But is there an abortion clinic here in Springfield? The short answer is no. While Springfield does not have an abortion clinic, there are local, professional resources here designed specifically to help women with a possible pregnancy. The... + read more
Time is Key to Relationships
There are no shortcuts to truly knowing someone. It takes time to get to know someone well and for them to get to know the real you. Many relationship experts suggest that it takes at least three months to get out of the superficial phase of a romantic relationship (i.e., being on your best behavior). This is when you become more relaxed and more open to know the real person. Some people feel that after the third date you know someone well enough to bring sexual intimacy into the relationship.... + read more
Pregnancy Care Center Client Video
When life is unexpected the Pregnancy Care Center is here to help. We understand the emotions, fears, and uncertainty you are experiencing. We want to provide you with the best possible care and information.
Pregnancy Care Center Radio Award
(SPRINGFIELD, MO) –The Pregnancy Care Center (PCC) has received a first place award by the Missouri Broadcasters Association for its commercial announcement, “Awkward Holiday Moment.”   The radio spot, played on Q102.1, tackles one the most difficult topic students home for the holidays might face—an unplanned pregnancy—and informs the listener about PCC’s free pregnancy help and support.  (Listen to the award winning radio spot here http://... + read more