Is there an Abortion Clinic in Springfield, MO

Springfield, MO Pregnancy Clinic

Is there an abortion clinic in Springfield, Missouri?

Many times when a women is faced with a possible pregnancy, the options seem few.  That can lead to panic and worry about what to do. Sometimes abortion seems to be the quickest solution. But is there an abortion clinic here in Springfield? The short answer is no.

While Springfield does not have an abortion clinic, there are local, professional resources here designed specifically to help women with a possible pregnancy. The Pregnancy Care Center offers services such as pregnancy test, ultrasound, community referrals and information on your pregnancy options. The center has helped over 12,000 women and is open Monday – Thursday for appointments. We never charge for our services.  We also partner with ICU Medical Mobile to provide pregnancy services throughout the Springfield community.

You are not alone.  We are here to equip you to make your own pregnancy choice.

What happened to Springfield Healthcare Abortion Center?

There used to be a clinic that operated under several different names: Ladies Center, Women's Healthcare Center of Springfield, Springfield Healthcare Center.  One source estimated that clinic performed about 1,500 terminations each year.  That clinic shut down in 2005.  At that time their board voted unanimously to shut down the clinic citing business reasons. Also in 2005 state lawmakers approved a bill that requires abortion practitioners to have privileges at a hospital within 30 miles in cases of botched abortions that would have jeopardized the lives of women who are injured by an abortion and need emergency medical attention that the abortion facility can't provide. The measure was approved 115-35 by the House and the Senate passed it 26-6.  The abortion doctor at the Springfield Health Care Center lacked privileges at a hospital within that distance.

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